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Freebees page.




I digit all of the freebees myself. I used for examples photo's or pictures.


If there are people who, despite my carefullness, have difficulties against the use of the digit photo's or pictures please contact me.



I used the software program Paint Shop Pro 9 to digit.

To make the designs i used the software Pe-Design 6, and Embird 2006.


It was not always so easy to digit. To get it right i spend a lot of hours behind the computer.


Many times my family had to hear me grumble. Sometimes i was in a bad mood. So now and then i still have these moods and than i will stop for a moment.


But now finely i get it under my skin and these are the results of the free designs.


If you ever have an idea or a design which you want to see on my website, please take contact and i will see what i can do.



Much, much fun with the embroidering of the freebees!









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