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Who am I






My name is Marrie and I live in the west of the Netherlands. I was born on the 27th of april in 1955. I am married with a treasure of a man and we have 3 children ( two sons and a daughter) of which the two eldest already left the house. The youngest ( a son) remains fortunately still a couple of years at home . At the moment he is following an education ICT .


Approximately in 2000, my passion for embroidering on the machine was started. I once saw such a machine on a house keeping grand see standing and i would have wanted gladly to buy it. But o jee....What expensive it was! At last after a long time of saving i could then buy my first Brother 3100 right with the programme Pe-Design 4.0 of course.


For a start i did follow many hours of practising, following trainings and a lot of tries out. Also i have learned a lot of some Embroidery groups on the Internet. One in particular. The group of "Computerborduren". That is a mail group for machine embroidery fanatics. But firstly you will have to register youself at Yahoo. Necessary however you need, as it happens, an Yahoo ID.


But after 3 years however, i did want a better embroidery machine. I did wanted to go on further and i did wanted to do more. Therefore i had to go on saving more money. then in December of 2004 at last i was able to buy the Brother 4100D with exchange of my previous machine. This machine can do a lot more for me. I did upgraded the programm of Pe-Design to 6.0.


In the meantime i already have made many patterns. Some i have embroidered on gifts for family or friends. Then my family found it necessary that it was time to become a site of my one.


Therefore here is at last the first design of my site.




My hobby's are:


    To paint
    To sew
    To put in each other with paper all kinds of charactes and buildings
    Working with photo programs
    To make cards on the computer
    To garden
.    To engrave glass
.    To read (a lot)


And much much more. In fact too much to write it here.


And of course to embroider on the embroidery machine and making embroidery designs!







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