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How my Internet site has arisen





In 2004, I did want to have an own Internet site. I thought that i could do that in a blink. But....what was i thinking abouth!


I then did go surfing on the Internet. Perhaps that i could download there a nice program and then with a couple of clicks i could make my own site. But what did i came deceived from!!!


All HTML. But what was that? I did not understand nothing of that matter. Okay, then i will take a book to learn the matter. Got at last one page ready with a lot of effort, even one with a Java script page. What proud i was when i saw my first page in the browser! Now i had to go on further...but what happened now! I didn't came further than the first page. TO BE FED UP!


After a month or two i had enough of it. I annoyed myself so much on that complete matter of HTML. Therefore for me no more website. It was no longer needed for me. But the idea of creating my own website continued haunted me in my head. It continued bothered me that i did not succeeded.


Now after almost 3 years i did want to try it once again. And yes... i was forgotten against which problems i had run to. That annoying HTML!


My man and youngest son had offered their help however, but they want to make it for me. That was not what i wanted. I did want it to do it by myself. With a little bit of help from time to time of course. I did not want to be depended on any one else, to wait up if they had time for me when something had to be changed.


But the most important thing i had forgotten... how did i wanted to call my site. How did i wanted it to look like. What did i want to put in there and more of that type of questions come up to me.


Honestly to say i never stood still by these questions. I had, however, a certain idea in my head but i had not yet really developed that. Therefore... firstly i had to make a plan for my site.


I stumbled already concerning the name. How do i want to call my site. I wanted a name which not yet existed as a site. That was difficult. It had to be also a name which be based speciffically not only on embroidering. I did want to place much more things on my site  and more other things to offer then only to buy embroidery desings. A name which contained everything, which was appropriate at me and that sensed well.


On the Internet aigain!


After a long surf on the Internet i encountered a site with all gems. There i saw the stone "Charoiet". The stone itself i found already nicely but the name still more beautiful! It is quite funny because my favourite colour is red and now i have fallen for a gem which is for the largest part bleu and purple. So... now i had the name. Now still the rest of it.


With the help of my man and youngest son i begun to try until i could examine my first page on the browser. Gradually i started to understand a little what i was doing.


And look! Again i have a page finished. So it went until i had all the pages which i necessary needed. Now remains only the other stuff. There had to be pictures on it. Ordenairy pictures and thumbnails, otherwise my site would be stumbeld on it. Fortunately i once downloaded a free programme which could do that for me. A problem less.


There still does not stand up much at this moment but that will change in the future. I am glad that i was falling for the stone and the name "Charoiet!". When i read what the stone ment and where it stood for, i knew for certain that i had decide to call my site Charoiet.




Where do the stone and the name of "Charoiet" stands for?


Charoiet is still an unknown stone. It is in fact a mineral. Just recently it state in the interest. Because of this there is yet on all areas not enough information to find of this stone.


Charoiet have been supposely just discovered around 1947-1949 in Russia. Outside Russia this stone remained unknown up to appoximately 1975.


The name of the mineral Charoiet has been inferred of the Russian word "chary" that "charm" means. It has been called this way  because of the impression which the mineral leaves behind.


Where does the stone posible, to one says, care for?


Is well for: kidneys, mucous membranes, muscles, decalcification, cog decay.

Against: overweight, high pressure.

Helps whith: menopause, mental health, insanity.
will power, work desire, endurance. Lighted and cleans the spirit.

Spiritually: gives someone insight in itself, appliances at deep meditation.
Let someone: sleep well with creative dreams, for transformation and action power.
the ambulatory with others.



The stone itself i now cannot yet permit myself, but i hope that the name already will have a good development on me and my site.


All ready the name has had a bit of influence. My website stands on the Internet.







Thank you “CHAROIET”!






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