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My hobby's



Oké,.... what do i have to tell you more?

I am a person who cannot sit still for a long time. Some people who came by me for a visit did get the itch of me. I just cant sit still! I will become hyper.


In my live i did a lot. I have drawed, painted, work with clay, sewed, have written poëtry, have written story's, played a little piano ( i still do that from time to time when i get de chance), worked with make up, played the recorder, renovated my house, making some furnitures, and so on.


In the meantime i often had a job out of the house.


On the next pages i wil let you see a little composition of what i had done over the years. I don't let you see everything beause otherwise my site will stumble over it.


I hope in the future i will let you see more of my arts.

Have fun by looking at them!





















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