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Drawing and painting.




On the next pages i will let you see a number of my art work which i had made myself over the years.



I can't remember when i didn't draw or paint. I began on a very youg age to draw. My first drawings were drawings a drew from pictures. Later on a began to draw roses. Even much later i began to draw people.


Then i tried to draw portrets. I remember of a time dat i sat on the highschool ( the M.A.V.O). Ik was getting drawing lessons. We had to draw something out of our heads. Because i did read everything i could put my hands off, i always saw a lot of photo's and pictures.


So that particular day i did read a story abouth Egypt. The story that was told was abouth Toetanchamon. Toetanchamon was a pharao of the 18th dynasty of the old Egypt. There i found a picture of a statue of this pharao. I did like the picture so much that i had draw it.




The teacher who saw the picture thought that i drew it over so i had to stay over after school for punnischement. Dat stay over was for me ( i heard then ) that i had to draw the same drawing again in his present.


You have to understand how strange i have looked. For me that wasn't a punnischedment at all! Eventually the drawing was so liking to the previous drawing that the teacher looked at me surprised and had to believe me. He stood behind me with his nose almost on my head so he saw that i did not copy the drawing. From now on he believed me.


I still have to think abouth it. i did find it so funny!


I still draw by time to time whem i feel like it and have the time for it. Sometimes i was asked to draw a picture of someone. If i feel the "click" than i will be drawing that picture. That's always what i tell the people in advanse. Gladly they always seem to be at peace with that.


When you see something interesting between my art you can always contact me.


Have fun by looking at my artwork.







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