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 I spend many hours and a lot of patience in these figures.

The photo on the botton on the right let you see how small these figures really are. 


The beak of this eagle for example exsist of about 5 little pieces who you at first had to cut out, fold and then glue them together.


I have had a lot of fun making these figures and they wil be not the last. So now and then i have to do something else.


I don't like to be busy for a long time with one and the same. I will make some more when i feel like it and when i get the time for making them.


They will not be all animals.

I will make different objects like, more animals, planes, motorbikes, cars, buildings ect. ect. When they are ready i will show them here to.













A merry-go-round who really                                                       Polar Icebear


can spin around.                                                                                  




 Indian Rhinoceros                                                            Sumatran Orang-utan






 Tiger                                                                                           Japanese Macaque




 Gorilla                                                                                  California Condor





 Dalmatian Pelican                                                                      Japanese Crane




 Japanese Golden Eagle                                                                     Malayn Tapir





 African Elefant                                                                                           Hondo Stoat





 Yellow Pinguļns                                                                         Japanese River Otter





 Loggerhead Turtle.                                                                    How small all is!






As a surprise i have made this little tiny summerhouse  in december 2006 .





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